Purchasing a Mobile Home Outright vs. Mortgage

Purchasing a Mobile Home Outright vs. Mortgage

Unlike full-sized homes, when you’re looking to buy a mobile home in Utah, you don’t always have to take out a loan to afford the property. This is great news for people that prefer not to be enslaved to any person or entity that would give them a loan. Now, you will read about Purchasing a Mobile Home Outright vs. Mortgage.

Especially considering the job losses the economy took just a few years ago. Some will tell you that this is a foolish notion.

There’s a commonly held idea that if you plan on staying in an area for 5 years or more that you might as well buy. A mortgage will cost just as much as a rental.

You get to own a home sooner and save more money along the way. That’s a great outcome for your future budget, but it comes with a large risk.

Mortgages last for 20-40 years at a time. They are significant investments that take half a lifetime to pay off at times.

Should you lose a job during that time for more than a couple of months, those mortgage payments become neigh on impossible to complete. Next thing you know, the bank has foreclosed on your house and you are evicted.

You are forced to leave the house (after paying all that money), are looking for a place to live, and are forced to start over with a bad line of credit. Some people look forward to that possibility and cringe.

Instead of risking that possibility down the road—and losing the home—they would rather buy a piece of property outright, even if that means they have to live in a rental for the time being. Fortunately, purchasing a mobile home in Utah is a great way to get yourself into a property quickly and cheaply.

Utah mobile homes can run anywhere between $20,000 and $70,000, depending on condition and location; naturally, the smaller the house, the smaller the price. One bedroom, one bath will generally run you closer to the $20,000 range.

They accommodate the needs of a single person or childless couple pretty well while they decide where to go next with their lives. Purchasing a mobile home in Utah doesn’t have to be the one-stop for you on life’s journey.

The world is full of opportunities that could take you anywhere from across the street into a full-sized house, to across the world on a military base. In that case, you can sell your property to help you finance the purchase of a permanent residence.

Owning your own Utah mobile home will give you a strong financial asset that will act as a stepping stone to the next stage of your life. Since property generally appreciates in value, your investment will only become sweeter with time.

Others will find a mobile home in Utah sufficient for their immediate and future needs. They may never want to upgrade to a full-sized home.


If that’s the case with you, then once you’ve reached the mobile home ownership status, you’ve made it in the world. You can still use it to upgrade to bigger and better options as your family expands and your savings account grows.

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